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Thales Cryogenics is the European leader in cryogenic technology and supplier of cryogenic coolers. Our product catalog is filled with various cooler technologies, such as rotary Monobloc (RM), linear flexure bearing split stirling (LSF), linear pulse-tube (LPT) cryocoolers, for cooling small sensors and/or circuits to cryogenic temperatures (<180K) and ranging up to 15 Watt cooling power.

As part of the Thales Group, Thales Cryogenics has direct access to the high-level expertise and advanced technology available in the group, particularly for military, airborne, space and industrial applications.

Thales Cryogenics conducts research to develop high-tech coolers for demanding markets, whether it’s for military, airborne, space or industrial applications. Our drive for innovation has made us the leader in technology and our global presence is focused on customer service and satisfactory. More then forty years of experience has paid off in a fully developed product program in which future requirements are always included. Our flexible designs can be tailored to fit your applications and still offer a proven reliability.

We foresee in your needs, those of today and tomorrow.