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Validation of accelerated ageing of Thales rotary Stirling cryocoolers for the estimation of MTTF – RM3 Stirling Cryocooler

The cooled IR detectors are used in a wide range of applications. Most of the time, the cryocoolers are one of the components dimensioning the lifetime of the system. The current market needs tend to reliability figures higher than 15,000hrs in “standard conditions”. Field returns are hardly useable mostly because of the uncertain environmental conditions
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Rotary Monobloc Cooler RM3

Compatible to main applications Having an electronic digital driver integrated in the RM3 cooler brings out many advantages for functionality, performance and ergonomics aspects. Initially RM3 cooler driver has been developed and designed by a supplier and both hardware and firmware designs were proprietary to this subcontractor. Although behavior of the cooler has been proved remarkably
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SPIE-DSS 2016 – Advantages of high-frequency Pulse-tube technology and its applications in infrared sensing

The low-frequency pulse-tube cryocooler has been a workhorse for large heat lift applications. However, the highfrequency pulse tube has to date not seen the widespread use in tactical infrared applications that Stirling cryocoolers have had, despite significant advantages in terms of exported vibrations and lifetime. Thales Cryogenics has produced large series of high-frequency pulse-tube cryocoolers for
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