Publications - Thales Cryogenics

2018-04-18 SPIE Paper – RMs1 – The state of the art SWaP cooler

For five years, Thales Cryogenics has led a new development cycle in order to design and deliver a new generation of SWaP cryocoolers. Both linear and rotary Stirling coolers have been developed. SWaP coolers are especially designed to cool the emerging High Operating Temperature IR detector (HOT). Insofar as optimal detector performance for HOT technologies are still challenging,
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SPIE Paper – Lifetime Validation of High Reliability Rotary Cryocoolers for specific customer profiles

The cooler reliability is a major performance requested by the customers, especially for 24h/24h applications, which are a growing market. Thales has built a reliability policy based on accelerate ageing and tests to establish a robust knowledge on acceleration factors. The current trend seems to prove that the RM2 mean time to failure is now higher than 30,000hr.
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