Lithium reserve batteries

Thales Cryogenics has taken over the lithium battery business of market leader Thales Munitronics in 2007. The Thales batteries are renowned for their reliability and performance in military Proximity Fuses and Small Missile applications.

For this type of battery the electrolyte is retained in a separate glass ampule, allowing the battery to remain inactive until activation. This means they can be stored over long periods (> 10 years) without any deterioration. The battery will be activated by shattering the ampule during the acceleration of the shell or missile, enabling instant power when fired.

Typical voltage and current levels of the standard product portfolio range from 18 to 28 Vdc applications with currents up to 250mA. The principle of the stacked lithium battery cells allows for easy scaling to higher voltages and current levels. Customized designs using Lithium Thionyl Chloride to fit your specific power source needs are available upon request.

Today’s medium and large caliber smart ammunition applications demand more efficient electronics and a smaller electronics footprint. To accommodate this development, Thales is developing smaller batteries with miniaturized dimensions up to 10 x 13 mm while delivering 9V under high spin conditions (up to 100.000 rpm) and high acceleration forces (up to 50.000 G).


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