ICC_20 Paper – RMs1 The state of art SWaP Cryocooler

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The trend for miniaturized Integrated Dewar and Cooler Assemblies (IDCA) has been confirmed over the past few years with several publications of new generation IR detector’s working at High Operating Temperature (HOT). This HOT-technology enables the use of cryocoolers with reduced cryogenic power. In the past 2 years Thales Cryogenics BV and Thales-LAS-Fr have jointly developed a new generation of SWaP coolers to be used with the new generation detectors that could bring a competitive advantage to our customers. This new generation SWaP coolers of Thales consists of linear as well as rotary coolers.
In this paper special attention will be given to the design philosophy and performance of the SWaP rotary cooler RMs1. The design hypotheses used could lead to a new generation of rotary coolers which will be very versatile in the different utilization areas not limited to IR sensors.

Christophe Vasse, Jean-Yves Martin, Cédric Seguineau and Tonny Benschop
Thales LAS France SAS
4 rue Marcel Doret, 31700 BLAGNAC, FRANCE