SPIE Paper – Lifetime Validation of High Reliability Rotary Cryocoolers for specific customer profiles

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The cooler reliability is a major performance requested by the customers, especially for 24h/24h applications, which are
a growing market. Thales has built a reliability policy based on accelerate ageing and tests to establish a robust
knowledge on acceleration factors. The current trend seems to prove that the RM2 mean time to failure is now higher
than 30,000hr. Even with accelerate ageing; the reliability growth becomes hardly manageable for such large figures.
The paper focuses on these figures and comments the robustness of such a method when projections over 30,000hr of
MTTF are needed.
Keywords: Cryogenics, MTTF, reliability, Weibull, Weibayes, Stirling, Cooler, IR detector.


Jean-Marc Cauquila, C├ędric Seguineaua, Christophe Vassea, Gaetan Raynala, Tonny Benschopb
aThales LAS France S.A.S., 4 Rue Marcel Doret, CS70022, F-31701 Blagnac France;
bThales Cryogenics B.V., Hooge Zijde 14, 5626 DC Eindhoven, Netherlands